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We Save Homeless

The app that no longer leaves homeless in need

About the project

The main purpose of the application is to help the volunteers of the organizations coordinate their actions and their care of the people on the street. Therefore, the objectives are to determine the needs of a homeless person, to allow better communication between the organization and to raise awareness among the general public about the conditions of homeless people while offering them the opportunity to become the link between them and society.

The principle is simple: an organization meets a homeless person and asks him if he wants to register on the application "We Save Homeless". If he accepts, his needs and a meeting point are recorded in our application and his personal information on a small card that is given to him. This card is readable by all smartphones with the application, in order to update the person's needs.

Thus, organizations that can satisfy the needs demanded by the homeless will know where to go thanks to a map. However, the homeless will retain control over their personal information. On top of that, he may choose to be forgotten just by breaking his card.

Also, by scanning their card, the organizations will be able to update their needs. If necessary, We Save Homeless will notify the other organizations concerned.

No more waste of time, let marauders be effective !

What are the funds for?

The application is currently equipped with a single interface aimed at associations. Public and community interfaces are still under development. This crowdfounding will allow the entire WSH team to further develop and implement the other two interfaces.

The general public interface, intended for all, will alert organizations on emergencies in which some homeless people can be. But a big application means a lot of users. A community application calls on many users, the donations obtained will be used in part for the purchase of servers in order to allow as many people as possible to help the homeless and organizations.

The community interface will provide statistical data to institutions . The application will also provide information on the actions of the associative structures. The institutions (city council, etc, ...) will only have a census of the number of people in distress in the commune or the territory) and emergencies (pregnant women, children, family, etc ...). If a town hall wishes to meet a need (eg helping a family in distress), it will suffice to click on the link linked to the card and an email will be sent to the organization which will have registered the person. The organization can then contact the correspondent to transmit the information.

This interface will require great stability for communities to use. This stability will be allowed by your donations.

In order to offer the best possible application to organizations and to meet the needs of the homeless, we need you.

About the project owner

We Save Homeless or WSH (pronounced "wish") is an application developed by Thierry Velu, president of the French Catastrophe Relief Group (GSCF), and the work of a group of EPITECH students. The draft of this application was born in 2015. As the meetings with the homeless began, Thierry Velu began to develop the idea of ​​an application to help them.

Wishing to measure the costs of developing and creating such an application, the GSCF contacted EPITECH. Two students, Antoine Zanardi and Raphael Thiebault, discovered the project and decided to participate by taking advantage of their development skills. The project is named WAS (Web Application Solidarity).

Quickly other students joined them as the project kept growing, EPITECH students came to accelerate the development .

The team is currently composed of over 10 students from different but complementary training.

In 2016, the application is renamed We Save Homeless.

In January 2017, the application is presented at the Las Vegas CES and attracts the interest of the national press, the Minister of Economy and Finance, and the Secretary of State for Digital.


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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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