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trainingandfinancingyour projects
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Ulule supports people who have big ideas and who want to make a difference.

Since 2010, we've been helping people take action and develop creative and sustainable projects.

50,000 projects have already been funded and tens of thousands of people have been supported.
Ulule allows you to
Start a project or a pre-sale

What makes us different? A team that advises you throughout your fundraising process. 8 out of 10 projects reach and often exceed their goal!

Explore projects and pre-sales

Creative, sustainable, cultural, ecological, solidarity-based, innovative: find and support an initiative you like among the hundreds of projects being funded on Ulule.

Take action thanks to training courses

Develop new skills in webmarketing, crowdfunding or impact entrepreneurship, progress in your professional life with a skills assessment. Our certified training courses are eligible for the CPF. This service is available in French only.

Adopt a sustainable approach to shopping

Discover in our shop a selection of more than 8,000 products that are good for the planet and good for people. Many of them were first funded on Ulule! This service is available in French only.

Become a partner

Increase your company's impact by partnering with creative and sustainable projects. Train your employees on social and environmental impact.

What do all these services have in common?
They give wings to those who are committed to building a more creative and sustainable world.
Ulule is…

A team of 50 passionate and committed people

The support of dozens of certified experts

A community composed of thousands of alumni

8,000 ethical & environmentally responsible listed products

50,000 successfully funded projects

And, thanks to you, a community of over 4 million members

Ulule is a certified B Corp, a pioneer in positive impact.

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