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Make good things happen

Welcome to Ulule Community

What is Ulule Community, anyway?
It’s a community
A community of creative and committed people, of friends who want to bring good ideas to life.
It’s a tool
A tool for posting all kinds of questions, classified ads, and discussion topics. You're not limited to 140 characters on Community. Find what you need, share your passion, all in your own format. And you can share what you post here on your other social sites.
It’s free-thinking
And free to use. You're free to go (you control your information). And free to share (friends of open data, check out our API page for more info). 

Ulule Community is not yetanothersocialnetwork.
Ulule Community is there to help you find what you need, whenever you need it. 
We hope you'll like it here. GO BACK ON COMMUNITY...

...or digg inside all the details of the service :
I. Access and Registration 
Registering with Ulule Community is free and open to all. Anyone can read Community content, and Community allows people to post under usernames. 
You can register using your real name or a username (depending on how you want to be identified by other members) and a password. You'll also be asked for your e-mail address. 
Or, you can sign up using your Facebook login by clicking the Facebook Connect button. Your Facebook name, e-mail and avatar will be automatically used for your Ulule account. You can change any of this information later. No additional information will be taken from your Facebook account. 
Registering means: 
- Other users can see the many ways in which you've contributed, including content you post "anonymously." This way, you can interact on a personal level without revealing your true identity. 
- Any member can contact you personally (and vice versa) without your e-mail address being revealed, thanks to our private messaging system. 
- You can make changes to the content you've posted. 
II. Visitor Rights and Responsibilities 
Any non-registered users reading the content on Ulule Community must respect the intellectual property rights of the authors. Visitors should take care not to reproduce or distribute content published on Community on other sites (or the reverse) without the permission of the authors. 
However, visitors may reproduce Ulule Community content for personal use, or reproduce and share short excerpts in articles and research papers, as long as Community and the author of the content (real name or username) are cited, with, if possible, a link to the original content. 
III. Contributor Rights and Responsibilities 
All registered users remain the sole owners of the content they contribute. 
Although the administrators and moderators at Ulule Community do their best to remove objectionable content, they are not able to check every posting. The views expressed in posted content are those of the content authors alone. The views expressed on Community do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners of Ulule. 
Because of this, as a contributor, it is your responsibility to respect the laws and rules in force and the rights of others. For example, you must not post content that is violent, abusive, defamatory, racist, revisionist, apologist for war crimes, pedophilic, or that incites murder, suicide, discrimination or hate. You cannot post content that includes work that is the intellectual property of others without permission (including press articles, others' content). 
Also, please make every effort to be courteous so that exchanges of opinion can take place in a positive environment. 
IV. Moderation 
To ensure that Ulule Community is a lively place, we have chosen to moderate after the fact: this means that all content is posted as-is, without any prior moderation. 
By posting content, you authorize Ulule Community administrators and moderators to delete, edit, move, or block any content for any reason and without your prior authorization. 
If these rules are not respected, Ulule may be forced to temporarily or permanently ban users who do not abide by this agreement. 
Ulule will also remove advertising, duplicate content, content that disturbs the peace or offends public sensibilities, content that is violent, racist, revisionist, apologist for war crimes, abusive or vulgar, content that violates copyright and related rights, including those applying to databases, trademarks, images, the privacy of others, trade secrets, or content that violates any other laws or regulations in force. 
All content posted remains the sole responsibility of the author. 
Users can request that we review any questionable material posted on this forum by contacting the moderators at [email protected]

V. Indexing User Content 
All content posted to this forum is subject to indexing by search engines and may be viewed by an audience outside of this forum. 
VI. Destination of Data Collected and Archived Content 
All data on this forum is stored in private archives in such a way that content authors can be identified. This information will only be communicated at the request of a legal authority. 
VII. Editing and Deleting Content 
Once you are a registered member of the forum, you are free to publish and edit content at any time. 
You can request that your content be deleted by contacting [email protected] Be sure to provide the following details: title and date of publication, username used and URL. 
You can also request that your account be deleted. 
The forum content that is linked to your account will remain visible, to make reading clear and comprehensible for others, but it will be associated with the message "Profile deleted."